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Monday, October 24, 2011



Sunday 23rd October 2011.

(I have heard El Shaddai  say quite often,    The papacy does not believe I exists”.     SRT)

From El-Shaddai:-

“My question to the hierarchy is:

“If the Popes believed I exist, would they have put out rules as if in my name and as if on my authority, these gaffes were activated? 

Do not frighten the faithful about dire consequences like going to Sheol in my name on rules that have never yet been made by me.

The Bishops of Rome  have only temporal authority.

You the Bishops of Rome must be given the Authority  by The Holy Spirit to forgive sins.

When have I confirmed that Bishops have authority to send my followers to Sheol?

I am the supreme Authority and will always remain so. Even if you do not hear from me in quite a while, remember that a blink of your eyelids in my life is roughly measurable to two thousand years of your calendar.

I repeat, Please do not make laws in My or Yeshua’s name

El Shaddai.

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